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Web Design

Are you puzzled when it comes to gadgets and technology and how it fits into your business or personal life?

Well, let International Touch demystify the Internet for you and assist in creating your most effective web presence, made to order.

Our staff will help determine your needs through a series of questionnaires and checklists, incorporating the most current techniques, and provide you with a step by step plan to make your online experience pleasant and beneficial.

You will need to provide......

a general description of your buisness

photos, logos or images to be digitized

rough draft or outline of your website ideas

10-25 keywords to register with search engines

outline of future maintenance needs

We will provide services to.....

register your unique domain name

design, develop and implement your website

produce graphics to compliment your website

maintain your website to ensure accuracy

host your website utilizing state of the art network

Various pricing plans are available for your convenience.

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