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Cheryl A. Chapman

Director of Educational Training and Online Communications

Visions of the future are often clouded by reality. . .

This is especially true for professionals involved with the explosive trend of integrating technology into education and the corporate environment. Reality is often the impetus from which the vision is born. This vision cannot be dismissed even when the urgency of daily responsibilities is overwhelming.

Whether in education or a corporation, colleagues will jest how obsolete their new computer is, that multimedia looks interesting but not essential, or that the topic of telecommunications is everywhere, literally! Many questions go unanswered and inaccurate perceptions are formed. To remain productive in the ever changing technology environment, information must be concise, accurate and delivered YESTERDAY! Searching for important information, along with developing a precise, but individualized strategy, can be, at the very least, confusing and very time consuming.

If you find yourself in a situation where time and resources are scarce, and you need to conduct initial or ongoing training for staff development or technology integration, then I would be very interested in discussing the possibilities available to accomplish your goals.

Contact me at your earliest convenience to schedule an initial consultation.


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